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Donate Now for Community COVID-19 Response

We're Working for Community Resilience in the Global Pandemic

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Let's work together for community resilience in the face of the global pandemic and climate change!

The Center for an Ecology-Based Economy (CEBE) has been working for the resilience of our community here in the western foothills of Maine since Earth Day 2013. While CEBE will continue to work for climate justice over the long haul, we are turning to the crisis at hand and striving to be useful to our community in the short term. While managing COVID-19 requires isolation and social distancing, we need to work together more than ever, as one crisis compounds into another. As the virus drives many people to shelter in place, we are working to meet some of the ensuing food and transportation challenges.

Community Food Matters, our local food council, is always working to improve our area's food system. Funds raised will be used to address the immediate needs in the emergency food system across our region. To donate directly to Community Food Matters, choose Community Food Matters from the drop-down "Apply My Donation To."

CEBE has jump-started our Spoke Folks Cargo Bike Cooperative as a delivery service working with local food pantries and restaurants to make sure everyone in the community has access to food. To donate directly to Spoke Folks, choose Spoke Folks from the drop-down "Apply My Donation To."

We will also be supporting and encouraging people to grow gardens. There is no better time to be sowing seeds and looking towards the growing season as a way to provide for our physical and psychological well-being in these troubled times.

CEBE remains focused on our four core areas of Food, Energy, Shelter, and Transportation, with small and large projects in each. Our office on Main Street in Norway is currently closed to the public, but we continue our work behind the scenes to achieve our goals. Climate change affects everyone and everything, and its effects are just beginning to be felt with increased intense weather events, extreme weather, new pest diseases moving north, and sea water rise on our coast. We'd like to use the resources we currently have to plan for a future where we may not have those resources available. The time is now, and we're ready to dig in. Join us!